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Unlike other eye conditions (such as myopia or astigmatism), presbyopia is specifically related to aging of the eye and the loss of flexibility of the eye’s lens. The flexibility of the lens allows the eye to focus at both near and far. As the eye ages, the lens becomes hard and rigid. The result is an eye unable to focus on things that are close.

This aging of the eye is most noted around the age of 40. You may notice that you have to hold things further away in order to read fine print. Unfortunately, presbyopia is unavoidable, as it simply is the result of the eye aging.

Almost everyone will develop presbyopia, so if a person also has another eye condition such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism, the conditions will combine. Individuals that are nearsighted (myopia) may have fewer problems with presbyopia than those that are farsighted or those with astigmatism.

Dr. Max T. Walsh and Dr. Christopher R. Walsh are considered to be a leading authority on Presbyopia in the Royal Oak and Novi area. They have several years of experience and training in treating Presbyopia patients and helping them overcome this discomforting condition.

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